[Clfs-support] the forgotten clfs-3.0 book and the other clfs website

Michele Bucca michele.bucca at gmail.com
Wed Nov 23 08:28:37 PST 2016

Il 23 nov 2016 4:50 PM, "Justin R. Knierim" <cross-lfs at knierim.org> ha
> On 11/21/2016 2:28 PM, Michele Bucca wrote:
>> I wonder why this book is not listed on clfs.org <http://clfs.org>. It
is not reachable from linuxfromscratch.org <http://linuxfromscratch.org>
nor from clfs.org <http://clfs.org>
>> http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/clfs/view/clfs-3.0/
>> This 3.0 version is different from the current one. you should make this
book available again and put it into a proper location. anyway how can I
make an offline copy of the book above using wget?
> I believe that URL needs to be removed, as it is obviously pointing to a
very old version of the book

i think it should be kept and updated, as it is the only version of clfs
that features the uClibc library.

I studied that document to make a gcc uclibc arm toolchain.

If that document was to be removed i would be really angry, or sad, for it.

Please copy it to a proper location

(SVN-0.0.1-20061204) and the 3.0 book is available from the website,
however there are systemd and sysvinit versions of it available with their
own URLs.
> http://trac.clfs.org/wiki/news#AnnouncingCLFS3.0.0Release
> If there are people who want to build a 10 year old version of CLFS, I
can make sure it shows up in the CLFS museum at http://archive.clfs.org/.
>> some pages of the clfs book [1] have some links that point to
cross-lfs.org <http://cross-lfs.org> but it is not operational. why there
are two websites?
>> [1]
> It is a long story, but basically cross-lfs.org is no longer in the
projects possession, and so we have had to migrate over to clfs.org.  We
hope to get it back one day, but for now the website shown on cross-lfs.org
is not ours, and not owned by us.
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