[Clfs-support] Keyboard If You Are Going to Boot

John john at hf-teknik.nu
Fri Sep 4 01:09:15 PDT 2009

Joe Ciccone wrote :-

> If you do end up following the boot method again. See if you can edit
> /etc/sysconfig/console on the CLFS system and set your keymap in there.
> That may be all you need to do. Off the top of my head I don't remember
> if the console bootscript is included with the minimal set of scripts. I
> would assume that it is though.
> If that doesn't work I'd like to know so that it can be fixed. I only
> have keyboards with a QWERTY US layout so I've never had any issues with
> the layout myself.
> _

I am not an expert by any means but I have my doughts on this.

Keyboard maps and commands like loadkeys are not installed untill 10.38.1.
Booting is from the end of chapter 7 following "If You Are Going to Boot".
So my reasoning is that even if I edit a configuration file there is no map
load on booting at the end of chapter 7 and no command to do it.
For this to work I think kbd must be installed before the end of chapter 7.
For anyone that needs US layout and another this might be the better idea.

My current thoughts are to expand on Marks idea as follows :-

Just before 7.10.Linux- open the kbd tarball.

The command then becomes for me with a Swedish keyboard :-

loadkeys -m ${CLFS}/sources/kbd-1.13/data/keymaps/i386/qwerty/sv-latin1.map
  > drivers/char/devkeymap.c

There are loads of other keymaps there.
This removes some of the objections raised i ticket #56 as it does not rely
on knowing
where the keymaps are or will be. It does not copy files from the host.

I will report back on how things went. I should be kernel compiling next


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