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Mike Ruth mwruth at runbox.com
Fri Sep 11 14:18:55 PDT 2009


I am working through CLFS, although I have not gotten very far.  I have
gotten stuck just building the cross compiler (the second build after
cross-compiling eglibc).

I am cross-compiling from an x86 host running Etch (Debian 4.0) to a
MIPS-64 target.  I'm following the SVN-20090814 book, with no deviations
intended.  I'm stuck on Section 5.15, Cross GCC-4.4.1 - Final.  I first
had this problem, then refreshed my book version and restarted, but hit
the same problem again.

It seems a final link step is failing.  A big long link command passing
all the .o, followed by errors messages for all the .o that they are
incompatible API.  I checked a few and file tells me they are 64-bit
MSB, MIPS-III ELF files, which is what I expect.

I note in the link command is flag "-mabi=32" which doesn't seem right.
    Maybe the final build is misconfigured for 32 so it can't work with
the 64 libs created in previous step?  There are references to
directories named 32 also which further suggests same.  But I don't know
how to track down the error.  The configure step in the book clearly
says "--with-abi=64"

Some environment vars:

$ echo $CLFS
$ echo $CLFS_HOST
$ echo $BUILD32

$ echo $BUILD64

Attached the build output with some stuff removed.  This is not from 
clean, so it gets very quickly to the link step where it fails every time.

Comments or suggestions?  Questions for me to followup?
Any help will be greatly appreciated!


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