[Clfs-support] Please Explain {BUILD{32, 64}} in Ch. {7, 8} with `chroot` [SOLVED]

Dan McGhee beesnees at grm.net
Thu Sep 10 16:22:11 PDT 2009

Dan McGhee wrote:
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> My question comes from "chrooting" with a "clean" environment. How 
> does gcc know, in this environment, to use -m32 or -m34. The .bashrc 
> files in Ch. 6 were valid only for user clfs when `su - clfs` from 
> root. However, this file does not exist in `chroot xxx.` Would someone 
> please explain this.
> This is not a question about how the book is written. It's a question 
> that I'm too lazy to completely research--cause I wanna get my CLFS 
> built.
I was using the wrong @%#! book. The answer was in an earlier thread I 
posted when I asked, "What's the difference between "native multilib" 
and "x86-64 multilib." Hector Oron and Joe Ciccone replied:

> >/ As I understand, native is your native processor system
> />/ (arm,i386,mips,...), so native multilib includes all the ABI that your
> />/ native processor has (for example mips triarch: n32, o32, 64) and
> />/ x86-64 multilib, might stand for defaulting to 64 bit x86 architecture
> />/ with a 32 bit x86 multilibed arch, so when you compile code with gcc
> />/ it defaults to x86-64, but if you add -m32, then it produces 32bit
> />/ code. IA64 might be included in the game but i think this is not the
> />/ case.
> />/
> />/ Cheers
> />/   
> /Native is a virtually identical to a regular build if you were to follow
> the chroot path, but is geared towards not cross-compiling. That's all.
I'm new to 64 bit and haven't quite learned the lingo yet, but knowing 
that I have an AMD Turion processor--that I never mentioned--I really 
didn't translate what this reply said until I read it again today. The 
SVN-*-x86_64-Multilib book builds build variables in Chapter 8. 
Previously, I had been using the "native-multilib" book.

Gotta be more precise in my questions. Again, sorry for the noise.


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