[Clfs-support] problem with cloog-PPL-0.15.7 segfaulting on configure script

Joe Ciccone jciccone at gmail.com
Tue Nov 17 18:33:27 PST 2009

b-vol wrote:
> On Tuesday 17 November 2009 11:33:39 pm Joe Ciccone wrote:
> -
>> Please try running this sed before configuring, and let me know the
>> outcome so I can add this fix to the book if it works.
>> sed -i "s/LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/d" configure
> clfs:/mnt/clfs/sources-151009$ cd  cloog-ppl-0.15.7
> clfs:/mnt/clfs/sources-151009/cloog-ppl-0.15.7$ sed -i "s/LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/d" 
> configure
> sed: -e expression #1, char 20: unterminated `s' command
> clfs:/mnt/clfs/sources-151009/cloog-ppl-0.15.7$
> thanks for your sugggestion but  the SED  does not appear to help (and I have 
> cut and paste).
I'm sorry, that was a bad regex, I started writing one thing then went
to another.

Try this

sed -i "/LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/d" configure

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