[Clfs-support] Planning on build development version

Joe Ciccone jciccone at gmail.com
Fri Dec 25 08:41:59 PST 2009

On 12/25/2009 11:34 AM, Alonso Graterol wrote:
> Hello,
> I am running an AMD64 Pure64 CLFS system originally built with kernel
> and over time upgraded to This last upgrade has
> induced some general segfaults crashing the machine. I guess
> glibc-2.6.1 may not be enough for
> I could go back to previous used kernel ( and hopefully get
> rid of those crashes. I never had one while using it.
> Anyway, I have been thinking for a while now to rebuild my system.
> Aside from purchasing a new disk or use some unused space on current
> disk for a new partition I was thinking on setting a dedicated
> directory (/mnt/CLFS) to build the new base system and transfer it
> later to root system. I would do the same I did when I built my
> current system using LiveCD as base, only this time I do not have a
> clean new disk to work on and my base system is not LiveCD.
> Does this make any sense? Is it doable?
Sure, its very doable. This is how I upgrade most of my systems. don't
mount /mnt/clfs on a seperate partition. and you can leave the symlink
to /tools or move /tools to the host once you're done. After that just
boot with init=/tools/bin/bash . After you're booted in run this:

export PATH=/tools/bin
set +h
mount -o remount,rw /

You should be free to replace any file on the host system at that point,
as if you had just entered the chroot environment.

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