[Clfs-support] the forgotten clfs-3.0 book and the other clfs website

William Harrington kb0iic at berzerkula.org
Mon Nov 28 06:10:57 PST 2016

On Mon, November 21, 2016 22:28, Michele Bucca wrote:
> I wonder why this book is not listed on clfs.org. It is not reachable from
> linuxfromscratch.org nor from clfs.org

The book does exist.


cross-lfs.org lapsed and wasn't renewed. We couldn't get it back. If you
go there now, it has an nginx page. Not sure who has it now. I haven't
looked into the registrar database.


William Harrington

> http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/clfs/view/clfs-3.0/
> This 3.0 version is different from the current one. you should make this
> book available again and put it into a proper location. anyway how can I
> make an offline copy of the book above using wget?
> some pages of the clfs book [1] have some links that point to
> cross-lfs.org

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