[Clfs-support] Building ARMv6 uClibc-ng cross-compiler

Andrew Bradford andrew at bradfordembedded.com
Fri Nov 18 12:27:15 PST 2016

Hi Michele,

On 11/16 10:08, Michele Bucca wrote:
> Hello, I'm trying to build a cross compiler for arm v6 machines  without
> float on my computer. Debian 8
> the target I'm trying to use for the build is arm-linux-uclibc but
> configure recognises it as arm-unknown-linux-uclibc and gcc does not
> recognise as a valid target when I give the command "make"

Can you share what the actual build error is?  And does this error from
make happen when you're compiling the first pass of GCC or at some other

arm-unknown-linux-uclibc should be a valid triplet according to GCC, as
far as I can tell.

What versions of binutils, GCC, and uClibc are you using?

> There's no book on clfs.org that builds by hand a uclibc toolchain and I
> want to learn to build one to compile static software (qemu as a console
> command)to run on android. I've already succeeded building qemu statically
> with a glibc arm compiler but it does not work well as glibc suck for
> static compiling. Can you help me with building GCC? I'm building the first
> pass GCC

Are you building for a no-mmu system?  If not, are you able to follow
the current embedded book using musl libc and compile statically linked

If you are able to build using musl, then at least it would narrow down
the problem to how you're using uClibc.


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