[Clfs-support] Building ARMv6 uClibc-ng cross-compiler

Michele Bucca michele.bucca at gmail.com
Wed Nov 16 01:08:29 PST 2016

Hello, I'm trying to build a cross compiler for arm v6 machines  without
float on my computer. Debian 8

the target I'm trying to use for the build is arm-linux-uclibc but
configure recognises it as arm-unknown-linux-uclibc and gcc does not
recognise as a valid target when I give the command "make"

There's no book on clfs.org that builds by hand a uclibc toolchain and I
want to learn to build one to compile static software (qemu as a console
command)to run on android. I've already succeeded building qemu statically
with a glibc arm compiler but it does not work well as glibc suck for
static compiling. Can you help me with building GCC? I'm building the first
pass GCC
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