[Clfs-support] Running the 'final' gcc

Martin Ward macros_the_black at ntlworld.com
Fri Jul 11 00:54:01 PDT 2014

On 10/07/14 18:33, Kasindorf, Barry (Consultant) wrote:
> Hi,
> I am running the final gcc, not the native gcc from chapter 10. I have 
> changed some of the directory names to match how our stuff is built.
> IE lib->lib32 etc.using –libdir arguments. This is using the V3.0 book.
> In our build, the check for a working gcc shows in the config.log that 
> it is failing because ld can’t find crt1.o or crti.o.
> What I see is that crti.o and crt1.o are in /tools/libxx while the 
> other crtxxx.o are in the gcc/4.8.3/ directory in /cross-tools where 
> the linker is looking for them. Using strace I can see that 
> gcc/collect2/ld is looking in /cross-tools and not at all in any 
> /tools directory.
> I am trying to find out if my changes to the config lines is causing 
> these files to be put in the wrong place or the SEARCH_DIR that ld is 
> using is wrong.
> I can provide the changes to the config lines if that makes a difference
> Thanks
> .
> -Barry

We use two patches to alter the specs file depending on which version of 
the book you use, these basically tell gcc to look in certain 
directories for the startup files and which linker to use, if you are 
changing the the library directory on the command line to something 
different, it's going to get horribly confused.

if you want to alter the layout you will have to change the patch, so it 
matches your own layout


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