[Clfs-support] systemd branch build report

Charlie Brown stieizc.33 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 1 18:59:22 PST 2014

I've been following the systemd branch book. It's great that the
maintainers have made so much progress, and thank you for providing
this guide on building linux systems.
Here is a report of problems I encountered upon finishing building and
rebooting the system, and possible solution. I would apologize if the
solution is indeed in the book and I missed that.

* bzip2 is using /usr not /usr/share for man pages
bzip2' makefile uses PREFIX/man for man pages. I wonder if I missed a
symlink for /usr/doc, but couldn't find it in the book. Anyway, a
simple sed would fix it:
sed -i "s@\(\$(PREFIX)/\)man@\1share/man at g" Makefile

* diffutils po files failed to install
This error is ignored. In case that po files are needed, a simple
patch (confirmed by this post:
is attached. I guess a sed would do, too.

* expat 32 bit library test need CXX="g++ ${BUILD32}" set to past.

* systemd 64 bit install may need group adm,wheel to be present
This error is ignored. I know little about acl and systemd, so I don't
know if that would be a problem. Here are the commands that require
these groups:
setfacl -nm g:adm:rx,d:g:adm:rx /var/log/journal/
setfacl -nm g:wheel:rx,d:g:wheel:rx /var/log/journal/

* kbd's setfont location
I don't know if I got it wrong when building systemd, but during boot
systemd-vconsole-setup look for setfont in /usr/bin/setfont, not /bin.
It shouldn't do that, as the book seems to expect /usr not available
during early stage of booting. Anyway, I created a symlink in

* /etc/mtab
Systemd seems to require it to be a symlink to /proc/self/mounts.

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