[Clfs-support] Updated livecd again

William Harrington berzerkula at cox.net
Fri Nov 23 14:46:58 PST 2012

Howdy all,

Today I updated the lfs livecd. I added lmsensors so people can view  
their system stats while building, and I've included more modules in  
the running kernel to support more devices, including coretemp which  
sensors can use.


This works as a good host to build current CLFS and LFS builds.

You can use jhalfs to build LFS or CLFS, but some user intervention  
will need to be required to get a full jhalfs build. I've used it  
fine, with intervention, to build x86_64 to sparc64, ppc, and all. May  
build a hint for it later. Who knows.


William Harrington

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