[Clfs-support] CLFS 1.2.0 Release

Jonathan Norman Jonathan at bluesquarelinux.co.uk
Sun Feb 12 09:19:02 PST 2012

I'm pleased to announce CLFS 1.2.0.

Read Online: 	http://cross-lfs.org/view/CLFS-1.2.0/
Download: 		http://cross-lfs.org/files/BOOK/1.2.0/
Test Logs: 		http://cross-lfs.org/testsuite-logs/CLFS-1.2/
Files:			http://cross-lfs.org/files/packages/1.2.0/

Thanks to everybody for their input and to the developers for their  
hard work creating this book.

CLFS 1.2 Release Manager
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