[Clfs-support] About CLFS for Alpha

Koornstra, Reinoud koornstra at hp.com
Sun May 30 21:27:32 PDT 2010

Hi Raphael,

The asm dir is normally a symlink created when properly installing the linux kernel headers, did you do this section well?
Did this section work ok?


Also, did you apply this patch described in section 7.11: http://cross-lfs.org/view/svn/alpha/boot/aboot-build.html

patch -Np1 -i ../aboot-0.9b-fixes-5.patch

before building aboot? The docs speak about kernel, is this also the kernel and headers you build?


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Hi again.
I have trying to do CLFS for Alpha system. I got a few errors if I follow the steps in the book.

7.11 Linux- 
       I got two problems:
                     1. If I choose Alpha generic then I got a problem with CTLZ Count Leading Zero instruction. EV5 has not this instruction.
                         I solve this error building for 21264 family, but this isn't a good solution, only for check.

                     2. I must to edit scripts/mod/sumversion.c and add "#include <limits.h>" for build fine.

      I have no problems with another kernel version. I have checked linux kernel-2.6.24 without any problem.

The second problem is for 7.12 section, Aboot-0.9b
When I try to compile I get follow error:

../include/linux/elf.h:6:21: error: asm/elf.h: No such file of directory.

Is there anybody working with CLFS for Alpha?
Any help?


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