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  On 05/20/2010 05:20 AM,  John Walton wrote: 

    This version of the book uses linux- as the kernel.
    Unfortunatly for me the driver
    was not included in this kernel.
    It was first included in the 2.4 series.
    It was ment to be replaced by a generic driver.
    The generic driver did not work and ftdi_sio was later put back.
    There are various references to this on the net.
    I am not the only person in the world to have this problem.
    There are  patches for  distributions.

    1. Is there such a thing is an official patch ?
             and if so how do I get it and apply it ?

    2. Is it possible to use a later kernel ?
          ( anyone had experience good or bad )

  Official Patches are a git diff from kernel.org around here, if you don't know how, then might I suggest google?

  You can use a later kernel without issues, just remember that any packages you installed that installed a kernel module will need to be reinstalled.

  I have a usb -> serial adapter that I use regularly which uses this driver. I don't remember ever having an issue with it, I also don't upgrade that particular system that often either.


  I can say that it's present in

  Many thanks. Going the way.

  I watched  the git patch demo on youtube even presented by the usb-serial developer but if a later kernel works straight out of the box it is simpler for me and leave git until I have more kernel compiling experience.

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