[Clfs-support] gmp-4.3.1. fails to compile in Ch. 5, "Constructing Cross Compile Tools"

Jim Gifford clfs at jg555.com
Thu Sep 3 15:31:36 PDT 2009

Dan McGhee wrote:
> Roy Bekken wrote:
>> On Thu, Sep 3, 2009 at 4:08 AM, Dan McGhee<beesnees at grm.net> wrote:
>>> Dan McGhee wrote:
>>> Installed m4 to my Ubuntu 9.04 and changed `--enable-cxx` to
>>> `--enable-cxx=detect.` Worked like a charm!
>> --enable-cxx=detect will not add C++ support if it can't find the
>> compiler... witch it don't in your case.
> It's amazing what `g++ --version` shows --or doesn't show. Yes, 
> although I realized it before you posted, you are absolutely right. I 
> didn't have g++ installed. [moan]When something goes wrong, it's never 
> the operator, it's always the directions, the software or the 
> hardware. Right?[/moan]
> PPL not compiling with "/lib/cpp doesn't pass sanity check" got my 
> attention. So, since I had the temerity to make recommendations to 
> "fix the book," I will consume a large helping of "crow." Does anyone 
> mind if I warm it first.
> I started from the beginning after I installed g++ and I'm merrily 
> completing the compile tools. I apologize for the noise and the 
> arrogance.
> Dan
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It's a learning experience. Just remember we have tested this 
configuration numerous ways, we are not perfect and we do miss things, 
but we know the common errors are and what causes them. If you do come 
accross another error that you run into, don't hesitate to post. We will 
tell you what's wrong, or if we have a problem.

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