[Clfs-support] I've Lost zlib.a

Dan McGhee beesnees at grm.net
Sun Sep 20 19:09:26 PDT 2009

Using SVN-20090918-x86_64-Multilib.  Last step of Ch. 10.18 "Zlib-1.2.3 
32 Bit Libraries:

> chmod -v 644 /usr/lib/libz.a
output of command is:
> /tools/bin/chmod: cannot access `/usr/lib/libz.a': No such file or 
> directory
> failed to change mode of `/usr/lib/libz.a' to 0000 (---------)
Output of <find / -xdev -name "libz.a" -print> is nothing.  There are no 
errors in the make or install logs.  No mention of zlib.a either.  The 
test suite ran successfully.

Configure command pasted from book:
> CC="gcc -isystem /usr/include ${BUILD32}" \
>     CXX="g++ -isystem /usr/include ${BUILD32}" \
>     LDFLAGS="-Wl,-rpath-link,/lib ${BUILD32}" \
>     ./configure --prefix=/usr --shared

this is a log of all files installed:
>  /lib/libz.so.1
>   /lib/libz.so.1.2.3
>   /usr/include/zconf.h
>   /usr/include/zlib.h
>   /usr/lib/libz.so
>   /usr/share/man/man3/zlib.3
I can't see any mistake that I have made.   Anybody else see anything?


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