[Clfs-support] Firefox-32 segfaults, Firefox-64 erratic behavious

Joe Ciccone jciccone at gmail.com
Wed Jul 15 20:26:15 PDT 2009

Reimundo Heluani wrote:
> Hello List, compiled Firefox 3.5 against Xulrunner 1.9.1 on a multilib
> X86 system, and I have this really
> strange behaviour. Firefox-64 runs, and I can browse the wiki for
> example without trouble
> but as soon as I try any of "save file" "preferences" etc. the browser
> hangs. Similary,
> it hangs opening gmail.com, nytimes.com, or anything requiring a plugin.
> What is most confusing is that Firefox-32 segfaults on startup. But if
> there is a running copy of
> Firefox-64, then Firefox-32 runs fine (same hangs though) This I guess
> means that Firefox-32 needs some libraries that Firefox-64 loads to
> memory, that's why it doesn't crash on startup if Firefox-64 is
> already running.
> Next, after running Firefox-32, Firefox-64 won't load again, it will
> hang on loading, requiring removal of .mozilla to load again.
Yes, this will happen if you use the same .mozilla/firefox for 32bit and
64bit. To this day I'm still not sure exactly what file is the cause of
this, but It could be any of the configuration files such as
compatibility.ini, extensions.ini or xpti.dat, I see references to lib64
in all those as well as pluginreg.dat. I've always thought about
tweaking the build to have .mozilla/firefox-32 and .mozilla/firefox-64.
> Same results with Firefox 3.0.11 on xulrunner so I
> guess it has to do with some configuration... Any ideas?
Another thought is if you're using a 32bit plugin, try nspluginwrapper
so you dont need a 32bit firefox. I forget if I added it to cblfs or
not, if not you're welcome to tackle it or I'll slap it in there as soon
as I can.

Same thing with Firefox 3.5, I have yet to install it.

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