[Clfs-support] CLFS (SVN-20091027-PowerPC) - 5.12 GCC - Symlink problem

Dok Sander doksander at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 30 12:19:51 PST 2009


I'm on Chapter 5.12 (Cross GCC-4.4.1 - Static) of CLFS - SVN-20091027-PowerPC and because of deviating from the guide run into this problem:

I don't want symlink $CLFS/{tools,cross-tools} to / because I'm going to have multiple cross-compilation environments on the same system. So, without the symlinks I change the paths accordingly. I cant't get GCC to build however. This is the error the make fails to:

gcc/include-fixed/limits.h:122:61: error: no include path in which to search for limits.h
make[1]: *** [_fixunssfsi.o] Error 1

I have changed the paths in gcc-4.4.1-specs-1.patch, of CROSS_SYSTEM_HEADER_DIR in gcc/Makefile.in and touched include/limits.h in my tools-dir. Also, the options passed to configure are correct. I have double-checked and tried the compilation over and over again so can anyone think of anything that I'm missing ignoring the possibility of typos?

Also, if I create the symlinks everything is just dandy.

Thanks in advance.



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