[Clfs-support] Build 32 bit kernel on 64 bit multilib chroot

Dan Tran dantran at gmail.com
Sat Apr 11 10:06:19 PDT 2009

>> Hi I have successfully build a clfs build environment (
>> http://cross-lfs.org/view/svn/x86_64/ upto chaper 10 )
>> Now I would like to use it to build a 32 bit kernel with a known
>> configuration file.  How do I make gcc to produce 32 bit image?
>> CC=gcc -m32 make ?
>> Thanks
>> -D
>  Seems a strange question - a 32-bit kernel is not compatible with
> 64-bit userspace.
> ĸen

I use clfs build environment to cross build our embeded root file
systems which to run on various 32 and 64 bit platforms,
on 64 bit platforms some of the executables  are 32 bits ( ie not able
to port to 64 bit yet ), so the clfs is perfect env to work on.

I am able to build every thing, except the 32 bit kernel.


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