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Koornstra, Reinoud koornstra at hp.com
Thu Apr 2 16:49:46 PDT 2009


I can do lilo -r /mnt/clfs -b /dev/sdb

That should work and install lilo on the second disk while having /dev/sda configured in lilo.conf,because it'll be /dev/sda in the second machine.
In the config file for lilo.conf I see: map=/boot/map, but until now no map is in the {CLFS}/boot dir.
Do you mean System.map, hence copying System.map to map?


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On Thu, Apr 02, 2009 at 06:31:24PM +0000, Koornstra, Reinoud wrote:
> HI Everyone,
> 7.20 describes how to make the clfs bootable.
> I attached a second disk (sdb) and I mounted it under /mnt/clfs (surprise).
> When I'll be booting the machine from that disk, it's the only disk in there and hence it'll be recognized as sda.
> Right now, my sda disk is the ubuntu disk.
> I I filled out in ${CLFS}/etc/lilo.conf
> Boot=/dev/sda
> Keytable=/boot/us.ktl
> Image=/boot/clfskernel
> Root=/dev/sda1
> Read-only
> Then I need to run the lilo.static command.
> Will that install a bootloader on my current sda disk (hence ubuntu disk)?
> If so I probably better be off not doing so.
> Or should I replace sda with sdb in the /etc/lilo.conf file and then execute the lilo.static command?
> Will that install the lilo bootloader on sdb?
> After that's done I can go ahead and change the lilo.conf back to sda?
> After this has been done, I go to section 9, but there's nothing about booting already.
> Hence I've got to build the things again with more software and reboot after that?
> Kind Regards,
> Reinoud.

 Try googling for lilo - back in the day various people wrote help
notes, so something like 'lilo "install on second disk"' might be
the way to search.  I've never done it, but ISTR there are a few
things you may need to change, otherwise it is likely to install on
the first disk.

 As in all things concerned with bootloaders, 'Good Luck!'.


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