[Clfs-support] CLFS Intel 64bits host / Intel Atom 32bits

William Harrington kb0iic at berzerkula.org
Thu Aug 17 10:29:04 PDT 2023

On Sat, 29 Jul 2023 20:46:36 +0200
Hellboy <hellboy.nospam at wanadoo.fr> wrote:

> Hello,
> I want to cross-compile on a Lenovo X230 (X86_64bits) host for an 
> Samsung NC10 (Atom 32bits) target.
> I have red the book up to chapter 6.31 
> (http://www.clfs.org/view/CLFS-3.0.0-SYSVINIT/x86/temp-system/choose.html)
> Am I right if I understand I have to choose Boot ?
> What is confusing is chapter 7.19 where it's told to tar -jcvf 
> ${CLFS}.tar.bz2 ${CLFS} to the target host and then the book jumps to 
> chapter V.9 "Bulding the CLFS". Nothing tells if where are still on the 
> host or if I have to switch ti the target and how ?
> According to this old post on the list 
> http://lists.clfs.org/pipermail/clfs-support-clfs.org/2013-January/006022.htm, 
> I shoold boot to the Temporary System on the host by adding an entry to 
> the grub config on the host, correct ?
> If it is correct, then I am continuing to build the CLFS on the host 
> correct ? But how do I switch it on the target host ?
> Thanks


If you use the boot path, your current build needs to be on the target host. Extract the archive there and then boot the host.
How you boot it is up to you. I don't know your host.


William Harrington

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