[Clfs-support] clfs-embedded GIT-20161228-x86 : typo: beyond/wireless_tools.html

Andrew Bradford andrew at bradfordembedded.com
Wed Apr 19 05:40:32 PDT 2017


On 04/18 21:31, akhiezer wrote:
> GIT-20161228-x86
> http://clfs.org/view/clfs-embedded/x86/beyond/wireless_tools.html
>  s/\(iwlist,\)\(iwpriv\)/\1 \2/	# Add a space after the comma.

I'm just replying to this email but I've fixed all three of these issues
that you've pointed out in the embedded book and they're now in my queue
of other changes that I've been working on lately in my github.

Hopefully I'll get these integrated into the official book in the next
week or two after some testing (other changes I'm making need decent
testing and still have a few other book changes to be implemented to
support them, such as changing how the target sysroot works).

You can see the changes you pointed out in my github [1].

[1]: https://github.com/bradfa/clfs-embedded/compare/e1348bba3de996abb60aed68009ea663148baf66...ccc6724689550b286950ed60abb30dd5882c8d89

The branch which has all of my current work queued up (but needs
testing) is [2].

[2]: https://github.com/bradfa/clfs-embedded/tree/2017.04-fixes


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