[Clfs-support] clfs-embedded: release schedule.

akhiezer lfs65 at cruziero.com
Sun Apr 30 03:41:13 PDT 2017

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CLFS-Embedded should aim for a concrete, versioned, release in, say,
October/November 2017 .

It can - should - be independent of (if any)
sysvinit/systemd/... releases/versions; this is not least as there is
currently insufficient person-hours able to be allocated to clfs to have
all variants released in sync - if released at all as concrete versions.

It (the clfs-embedded release) should only cover tested - and stated
explicitly - architectures/hardware - e.g. x86_64, x86, arm/rpi2 .

It should include concrete, integrated bootloader page for the relevant
arch/hw - e.g. syslinux - instead of referring to wiki. The present
bootloader overview should be retained.

It should include static networking config option, as well as the
present dhcp option.

It 'ideally' (...) should be able to build ok with jhalfs. (Cf thread
on alfs-discuss list Jan 2017).

It is noted that the 'bradfa' repo is and has been for a while, the de
facto main repo:
* Main repo:
    via: http://git.clfs.org/
* bradfa:
    via: https://github.com/bradfa/ :
      ** https://github.com/bradfa/clfs-embedded
      ** https://github.com/bradfa/clfs-embedded-bootscripts

It is noted that it is intended that there _will_ be an os release this
year that is, or is based-off, clfs/musl/busybox .

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