[Clfs-support] clfs-mbdd: cross-tools/binutils: 'When used with --host' .

akhiezer lfs65 at cruziero.com
Sun Apr 30 02:32:18 PDT 2017

branches: master; (abradfa) 2017.04-fixes  .
cross-tools/binutils has ~disconnected text 'When used with --host [...]' :

    When used with --host, this creates a cross-architecture executable
    that creates files for ${CLFS_TARGET} but runs on the host system.

The "When used with --host" text seems to be a bit ~disconnected:
for, the configure command does not include a(n explicit)
'--host=...' parameter; and '--host' does not appear anywhere else on
the page.

As such, the page can seem a little confusing/hand-waving to a newer
reader: the text could do with being tightened-up a bit.

Further, is it intentional to omit explicit '--host=' cfg opt here?



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