[Clfs-support] CLFS support

Andrew Bradford andrew at bradfordembedded.com
Tue Feb 11 12:13:58 PST 2014

On 02/11/2014 02:58 PM, Andrew Bradford wrote:
> On 02/11/2014 02:33 PM, Kevyn-Alexandre Paré wrote:
>> So you are saying to do a musl 4.8 then gcc final 4.9 and then redo a 4.8 ?
> Yes, after gcc-final, do the musl build and install again.  Or manually
> make the symlink.
> The reason a manual symlink creation isn't done in the book is that the
> name of it is dependent upon the triplet and the musl install will do
> this for you.  Clearly it's not working as well on some systems as
> others with regards to ldconfig removing the symlink, though, so maybe
> it's worth revisiting.
>> So my first question will be do we have other problem with the current
>> manual except that symlink? if not add this at the end of section 4.9.
>> But right now I cannot guarantee that there is not other symlink
>> issue?
> There shouldn't be other symlink issues, but I've not investigated this.
>> I will try this approach and see if I'm able to boot up.
>> I know that you are on musl-libc mailing or maybe gcc mailing list
>> also? list you should ask them and see what will be there
>> recommendation?
> I'm on the musl ml.  I'll ask on IRC first and see what the response is
> before taking it to the ml.
> I'm not on the gcc mailing list but this isn't a gcc thing, gcc needs to
> run ldconfig at this point.  Granted, they may be able to use a
> different set of options for ldconfig, but musl is going to be where
> they point the finger since making a symlink to nowhere isn't likely the
> "right thing" to do from their point of view.

After thinking about this some, there's a good reason why musl doesn't
use a relative path for the symlink, since it's possible to have the
syslibdir be different than the libdir (names taken from musl Makefile).

In this case, the path needs to be a full one.  Likely this means the
book is doing the wrong thing when installing musl or reinstalling musl
after building gcc is the more right thing to do.  Reinstalling,
assuming you don't delete the musl dir after using it, will fix the
issue, you shouldn't need to rebuild then.  But I've not tested this.


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