[Clfs-support] CLFS support

Andrew Bradford andrew at bradfordembedded.com
Thu Feb 6 11:17:40 PST 2014

On 02/06/2014 02:08 PM, Kevyn-Alexandre Paré wrote:

> no symlink for /lib/ld-musl-armhf.so.1 in the target. When this
> symlink is suppose to be created?

In section 4.8 (musl-libc), the 'make install' should create it for you
properly as long as you're using DESTDIR as specified in the book.

So long as you're using a book newer than 20131023, this should work.
Books prior to 20131023 which were musl based required a manual creation
of this symlink due to incorrect 'make install' instructions for the way
musl's install works.


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