[Clfs-support] PPL and GMP - config error

san san at plusnet.pl
Fri Aug 30 03:35:27 PDT 2013

Hi again!

checking for the GMP library version 4.1.3 or above... no
configure: error: Cannot find GMP version 4.1.3 or higher.
GMP is the GNU Multi-Precision library:
see http://www.swox.com/gmp/ for more information.
When compiling the GMP library, do not forget to enable the C++ interface:
add --enable-cxx to the configuration options.

i reinstalled everything since headers, but it wont help.

Compiling on i686 (vbox) for i586 on ubuntu server 12.04.

Cross-Compiled Linux From Scratch - Version GIT-20130401-x86


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