[Clfs-support] EGLIBC check fails on check.

san san at plusnet.pl
Thu Aug 29 13:35:09 PDT 2013


I'm haveing problems on EGLIBC for [10.7. EGLIBC-2.15].
Cross compiling on i686 (VBox) for i586 cpu.

Got errors on
math: test-ldouble.out, test-ildoubl
stdio-common: bug22
nptl: tst-attr3
debug: tst-chk6, tst-lfschk6, tst-chk3, tst-lfsch3, tst-backtrace6

and c++-types-check

Tried diffrent r-versions and without patch (i'm not planning to use alsa,
only jack).
Please help.


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