[Clfs-support] clfs Version GIT-20130401-x86, GMP wont compile

san san at plusnet.pl
Mon Aug 26 08:41:44 PDT 2013

Hi all!

I'm trying to build my first clfs on i686 for i586.
I'm on 6.3 gmp-5.0.5 stage.

after config:
HOST_CC=gcc CPPFLAGS=-fexceptions ./configure --prefix=/tools \
--build=${CLFS_HOST} --host=${CLFS_TARGET} \

I get message "C++ compiler not available".
After changeing --enable-cxx to --enable-cxx=detect it works (as there is
no i586-pc-linux-gnu-c++ only i586-pc-linux-gnu-c++flint), but after that
PPL-0.12.1 claims that there is no gmp compiled with --enable-cxx.

I'm tryind to solve this problem, but can not find how...

Best regards!
[ e-San.info | San at plusnet.pl ]
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