[Clfs-support] a strategy question

Jorge Almeida jjalmeida at gmail.com
Sat Nov 17 02:38:01 PST 2012


This is my first contact with CLFS (but not with LFS). Before trying to build
CLFS-1.2.0, I would like to know your opinions about whether what I'm trying
to achieve is feasible, or whether it is a good strategy at all. I want to
build CLFS on a x86 host for a x86 target. I don't require a bootable system,
I only need to be able to chroot to the build system and then compile some
software statically against eglibc (also for x86). The idea is to obtain
binaries that can be moved to an initramfs: busybox, for example; e2fsprogs
would be great. Maybe others, later...
Note that I'm not talking about building the CLFS itself statically. Question:
are binaries statically compiled against eglibc small enough? (Meaning: not
much bigger than the same ones compiled against uClibc?)

The host system might be a problem. I currently run Arch, and I'm in the
process of changing to Slackware. Both have toolchains that are newer than the
recommended versions...


Jorge Almeida

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