[Clfs-support] Package Freeze

William Harrington berzerkula at cox.net
Wed Nov 7 14:51:24 PST 2012

Greetings all.

Jonathan and I are letting the community know the book is in a package  
freeze status.

We'll clear up some tickets if valid for this current book.

During this package freeze, critical patches may be added or commands  

The main thing is to go through the book and check the following:

Configure commands add/removed properly documented
Installed files sections documented properly (I have installed file  
logs with my builds in the testsuite-logs area of the server)
All book builds build without errors (there are tickets for these and  
we need help from mips and alpha people if they exist to verify those  
builds work)
     I have x86, x86_64, sparc64 and ppc covered.

And anything else I missed in this message.


William Harrington

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