[Clfs-support] clfs-embedded-sysroot (ARM) queries

bv bvl at btconnect.com
Thu May 5 05:13:37 PDT 2011


I dabbled with porting clfs to the beagleboard (ARM-based)  a few years ago.  
I became sidetracked    to another project.  I am planning to have another go 
at  resuming the effort.

I looked at development clfs and noticed   the branch called sysroot. 

(  http://cross-lfs.org/view/clfs-sysroot/arm/ )

 I read it through   and would be grateful for explanations of the following:-

a) How does one port  the  newly minted system from the mother X86-based-
machine to the target (ARM-based)  machine?
b) what are the target boards for the clfs sysroot arm-based efforts?
c) there does not seem to be a bootloader for the arm target machine, so (as 
with a) above ) how  does one boot the newely minted clfs system on the target 

other advice would also be gratefully received


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