[Clfs-support] Using updated kernel against previous headers in Cross Compile Tools

Dan McGhee beesnees at grm.net
Sat Sep 5 10:30:42 PDT 2009

Using SVN-20090902-Native-Multilib

I just noticed that on the latest Master Change Log kernel- has 
been added.  I constructed my Cross Compile Tools using the headers from 
'kernel-2.6.29.?'.  I have almost completed the Temporary System.  Will 
there be a problem if I build the Basic System with the 2.6.29 headers 
in the compile tools and 2.6.30 in the new system.

Before I migrated to CLFS, there were many admonitions in the BLFS 
mailing lists to *not* put new headers in even if configuring a later 
version kernel.  I'd like to be as current as possible, but I also don't 
want to screw something up.



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