[Clfs-support] some strange errors: ld --help gives errors

Stef Bon stef at bononline.nl
Mon Nov 2 02:31:47 PST 2009

Joe Ciccone wrote:
> yea, as expected. The compiler you built in chapter 10 is correct, which
> is why every package built after it is fine. It's the packages built
> before that that will have a problem. And in the case of the build in
> the book. That's just binutils. When the toolchain adjustment is done in
> chapter 10, the compiler in /tools is told to link to /lib/ld-linux.so.2
> instead.
Sorry, I've lost you here. Chapter 10, I cannot find chapter 10 to build 
a  compiler. I think you mean
the compiler build in 8.15? For good information, I'm building the 
svn/native version

And the adjustment, is in chapter 8.8 right (and not 10)?

So the packages before thispoint have  a problem. Binutils is one of 
them, but why not also gmp, mpfr, ppl, cloog-ppl and zlib??

>> So how come?? Ok, I, already see, it's build again in 8.15. That
>> explains it.
> See explanation above. I don't know why you're looking in chapter 8 for
> an answer. You wont find it by looking at any of that. Jump 2 forward to 10.

See above. Up to me the error I'made was in 8.8, that's why I've to 
rebuilt the cross-tools (5) and tools (6) dirs,
and then rebuilt binutils in 8.14. (and maybe the packages I've 
mentioned above)


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