[Clfs-support] GCC memory exhaustion

Jim Gifford clfs at jg555.com
Fri Jul 31 10:08:41 PDT 2009

Hugo Villeneuve wrote:
> Hi,
> I have been trying to compile gcc-4.3.0 in chapter 5 (x86_64 first pass)
> without success. The problem is that it eats up all my memory doing
> this, causing the host machine to freeze and crash. My host has 1GB of
> RAM and 5G of swap.
> I have tried to pass the option "--with-low-memory", but this doesn't
> seem to make much difference.
> Anybody have experienced the same behavior?
> Thank-you, Hugo Villeneuve
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You have to much swap. Your swap should never exceed your memory. The 
rule of thumb, is 2x the amount of RAM, but my philosphy is 1 to 1 ration.

I build the x86_64 book all the time with various GCC's and never have 
ran into the issue. Please provide more details on the error your seeing.

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