[Clfs-support] 'libuuid'/'libblkid' issues with 'e2fsprogs' and 'util-linux-ng'

Mark Pokorny iridium193 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 22 12:55:55 PDT 2009

> I have just tested the updates made to the book (SVN-20090720), and
> they compile without problems. Thanks a mill!
> Regards,
> Mark.

Hi Jim.

Some more information on this for you: upon booting into the temporary
build environment in Chapter 9, the bootscripts can't find the new
'libblkid' libraries, and throws up the error:

mount: error opening shared libraries: libblkid.so.1: unable to open
shared object file: no such file or directory

There are also errors from udev, but I believe these are due to the
root file system failing to mount in read/write mode. I've tried
creating symlinks in /tools/lib, ${CLFS}/lib and ${CLFS}/usr/lib;
connecting 'libblkid.so.1' to 'libblkid.so.1.1.0' and
'../../lib/blikid.so.1.1.0' respectively, but this doesn't seem to
make a difference.

Is there a particular place where 'mount' will look for these shared libraries?

Thanks again,


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