[Clfs-support] libraries for booting temporary system

Alexander Roalter alexander at roalter.it
Sun Jul 19 11:37:13 PDT 2009

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Joe Ciccone wrote:
> Alexander Roalter wrote:
>> Joe Ciccone wrote:
>>> Alexander Roalter wrote:
>>>> Now I see, tried it again in 6.9 which is of course much too late.
>>>> doing it in 5.15 does the trick, and I don't have to boot, but can do
>>>> chroot.
>>>> One thing though now I have a problem with:
>>>> compiling util-linux, I get
>>>> ../lib/fsprobe.c:13:19: error: blkid.h: No such file or directory
>>>> in /tools/include there's no blkid subdir or blkid.h, as blkid and
>>>> libblkid are IN util-linux...
>>> You left quite a bit of information out of that error message, like the
>>> command make executed that generated that error. Please post that.
>> sorry for that:
>> Making all in mount
>> make[2]: Entering directory
>> `/home/lfs/root/sources/util-linux-ng-2.15.1/mount'
>> x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu-gcc -m64 -std=gnu99 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I..
>> -include ../config.h -I../include -DLOCALEDIR=\"/tools/share/locale\"
>> -fsigned-char -g -O2 -MT mount-fsprobe.o -MD -MP -MF
>> .deps/mount-fsprobe.Tpo -c -o mount-fsprobe.o `test -f
>> '../lib/fsprobe.c' || echo './'`../lib/fsprobe.c
>> ../lib/fsprobe.c:13:19: error: blkid.h: No such file or directory
> Could you please try with util-linux-ng-2.16? I believe you have to
> explicitly enable it in 2.15.1.

This did the trick... I downloaded the packages on friday, but now I see
the last SVN is from yesterday... I'm sorry for not having detected the
change here...

Still something off-topic (sort of): when I built the boot system
yesterday, in chapter 7.20 the execution of lilo.static
(/tools/bin/lilo.static -v -C ${CLFS}/etc/lilo.conf) complains for the
different things not found which are specified in lilo.conf, since they
are specified according to the position they have in the new system, but
are not found in the current system: /boot/clfskernel not found,
/boot/map not found etc. I made a special lilo.conf.remote where I
inserted the paths visible during the build (prepending ${CLFS} to
/boot), then the install went through smoothly.

Another thing: /boot/clfskernel is not found originally, as in 7.10 the
kernel installed stores the kernel as /boot/clfskernel- In
chapter 13.3 it is the same. Perhaps a symlink would do it, or (probably
better), the lilo.conf should include the version information, à la

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