[Clfs-support] libraries for booting temporary system

Joe Ciccone jciccone at gmail.com
Sun Jul 19 11:11:43 PDT 2009

Alexander Roalter wrote:
> Now I see, tried it again in 6.9 which is of course much too late.
> doing it in 5.15 does the trick, and I don't have to boot, but can do
> chroot.
> One thing though now I have a problem with:
> compiling util-linux, I get
> ../lib/fsprobe.c:13:19: error: blkid.h: No such file or directory
> in /tools/include there's no blkid subdir or blkid.h, as blkid and
> libblkid are IN util-linux...
You left quite a bit of information out of that error message, like the
command make executed that generated that error. Please post that.

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