[Clfs-support] Firefox-32 segfaults, Firefox-64 erratic behavious

Reimundo Heluani rheluani at gmail.com
Sat Jul 18 12:11:51 PDT 2009

On Thu, 2009-07-16 at 15:09 -0700, Reimundo Heluani wrote:
> On Wed, 2009-07-15 at 23:26 -0400, Joe Ciccone wrote:
> > Reimundo Heluani wrote:
> > > Hello List, compiled Firefox 3.5 against Xulrunner 1.9.1 on a multilib
> > > X86 system, and I have this really
> > > strange behaviour. Firefox-64 runs, and I can browse the wiki for
> > > example without trouble
> > > but as soon as I try any of "save file" "preferences" etc. the browser
> > > hangs. Similary,
> > > it hangs opening gmail.com, nytimes.com, or anything requiring a plugin.
> > > What is most confusing is that Firefox-32 segfaults on startup. But if
> > > there is a running copy of
> > > Firefox-64, then Firefox-32 runs fine (same hangs though) This I guess
> > > means that Firefox-32 needs some libraries that Firefox-64 loads to
> > > memory, that's why it doesn't crash on startup if Firefox-64 is
> > > already running.
> > > Next, after running Firefox-32, Firefox-64 won't load again, it will
> > > hang on loading, requiring removal of .mozilla to load again.
> > >
> > >   
> > Yes, this will happen if you use the same .mozilla/firefox for 32bit and
> > 64bit. To this day I'm still not sure exactly what file is the cause of
> > this, but It could be any of the configuration files such as
> > compatibility.ini, extensions.ini or xpti.dat, I see references to lib64
> > in all those as well as pluginreg.dat. I've always thought about
> > tweaking the build to have .mozilla/firefox-32 and .mozilla/firefox-64.
> > > Same results with Firefox 3.0.11 on xulrunner so I
> > > guess it has to do with some configuration... Any ideas?
> > >   
> > Another thought is if you're using a 32bit plugin, try nspluginwrapper
> > so you dont need a 32bit firefox. I forget if I added it to cblfs or
> > not, if not you're welcome to tackle it or I'll slap it in there as soon
> > as I can.
> Thanks for pointing this out. Actually I usually don't really care about
> flash so I rarely bother installing the plugin. But installing this
> plugin solves the issue of Firefox hanging at most websites (this is
> really strange though, it shouldn't hang on lack of a plugin). Now I can
> go to nytimes.com at least. 
> On the other hand the browser still hangs on gmail's inbox (this might
> be a programming issue, it happened before on Firefox 2...) but the
> thing that puzzles me the most is that it hangs when I try to open the
> preferences!

I promisse this is the last call for help here, but I thought you might
know something about this. Still having issues with Firefox hangs. 

When browsing the file system file:// it hangs at some directories and
not at others. I can't make up which ones are the ones that make the
browser hang, but it always hangs at the same directories.

Also, to restart, I sometimes need to remove the sessionstore.js file,
this is the olny file that I need to remove to have the browser back up.

I don't even know how to look for some error logs. I guess my next step
will be running Firefox under gdb, but I'd hate to have to resort to



> Cheers,
> R
> > 
> > Same thing with Firefox 3.5, I have yet to install it.
> > 
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