[Clfs-support] Linking issue

Lance Chou LChou at PLXTech.com
Fri Jul 17 06:27:41 PDT 2009

But the gcc version that I'm using is gcc-4.3.3 not 4.4.
Anyway, I will give a try on http-2.2.11.

Thanks a lot for your help.

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Lance Chou wrote:
> Dear All,
>   I’m building my system by following Current Sysroot Development 1.x.
> My platform is ARM and I have built the cross toolchain successfully.
> I use the toolchain to build everything I need for my system. After
> the system can boot up, I use the toolchain to build a compiler that
> is directly run on my platform. At first, I thought it’s OK because
> when I write some simple program, it can be compiled and run
> successfully. But when I tries to build apache (httpd-2.2.9) directly
> on the board, it fails at linking stage. The error messages are shown
> as following
Could you please try with httpd-2.2.11? I'm not sure if it is related to
the gcc 4.4 update or not. Will look more in depth into this this weekend.
> I have googled on the Internet but I still don’t have any clue to this
> issue. Please help.
> Thanks a lot in advance.
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