[Clfs-support] zlib compiling issue

Koornstra, Reinoud koornstra at hp.com
Mon Apr 6 11:33:53 PDT 2009


I tried to compile zlib following the instruction in 10.11 and I get a problem there, apparently ar is given an unknown option:
ar: illegal option -- z
This happens after having applied the patch. Without the patch zlib compiles fine.
I don't see any -z anywhere, any hints?
Kind Regards,


root:/sources/zlib-1.2.3# patch -Np1 -i ../zlib-1.2.3-fPIC-1.patch
patching file configure
Hunk #2 succeeded at 178 (offset 16 lines).
patching file Makefile.in

CC="gcc -isystem /usr/include" CXX="g++ -isystem /usr/include" \
    LDFLAGS="-Wl,-rpath-link,/lib" ./configure --prefix=/usr --shared
Checking for shared library support...
Building shared library libz.so.1.2.3 with gcc -isystem /usr/include.
Checking for unistd.h... Yes.
Checking whether to use vs[n]printf() or s[n]printf()... using vs[n]printf()
Checking for vsnprintf() in stdio.h... Yes.
Checking for return value of vsnprintf()... Yes.
Checking for errno.h... Yes.
Checking for mmap support... Yes.
root:/sources/zlib-1.2.3# make
gcc -isystem /usr/include -O3 -fPIC -DUSE_MMAP   -c -o example.o example.c
gcc -isystem /usr/include -O3 -fPIC -DUSE_MMAP   -c -o adler32.o adler32.c
gcc -isystem /usr/include -O3 -fPIC -DUSE_MMAP   -c -o compress.o compress.c
gcc -isystem /usr/include -O3 -fPIC -DUSE_MMAP   -c -o crc32.o crc32.c
gcc -isystem /usr/include -O3 -fPIC -DUSE_MMAP   -c -o gzio.o gzio.c
gcc -isystem /usr/include -O3 -fPIC -DUSE_MMAP   -c -o uncompr.o uncompr.c
gcc -isystem /usr/include -O3 -fPIC -DUSE_MMAP   -c -o deflate.o deflate.c
gcc -isystem /usr/include -O3 -fPIC -DUSE_MMAP   -c -o trees.o trees.c
gcc -isystem /usr/include -O3 -fPIC -DUSE_MMAP   -c -o zutil.o zutil.c
gcc -isystem /usr/include -O3 -fPIC -DUSE_MMAP   -c -o inflate.o inflate.c
gcc -isystem /usr/include -O3 -fPIC -DUSE_MMAP   -c -o infback.o infback.c
gcc -isystem /usr/include -O3 -fPIC -DUSE_MMAP   -c -o inftrees.o inftrees.c
gcc -isystem /usr/include -O3 -fPIC -DUSE_MMAP   -c -o inffast.o inffast.c
ar libz.a adler32.o compress.o crc32.o gzio.o uncompr.o deflate.o trees.o zutil.o inflate.o infback.o inftrees.o inffast.o
ar: illegal option -- z
Usage: ar [emulation options] [-]{dmpqrstx}[abcfilNoPsSuvV] [member-name] [count] archive-file file...
       ar -M [<mri-script]
  d            - delete file(s) from the archive
  m[ab]        - move file(s) in the archive
  p            - print file(s) found in the archive
  q[f]         - quick append file(s) to the archive
  r[ab][f][u]  - replace existing or insert new file(s) into the archive
  t            - display contents of archive
  x[o]         - extract file(s) from the archive
 command specific modifiers:
  [a]          - put file(s) after [member-name]
  [b]          - put file(s) before [member-name] (same as [i])
  [N]          - use instance [count] of name
  [f]          - truncate inserted file names
  [P]          - use full path names when matching
  [o]          - preserve original dates
  [u]          - only replace files that are newer than current archive contents
 generic modifiers:
  [c]          - do not warn if the library had to be created
  [s]          - create an archive index (cf. ranlib)
  [S]          - do not build a symbol table
  [T]          - make a thin archive
  [v]          - be verbose
  [V]          - display the version number
  @<file>      - read options from <file>
 emulation options:
  No emulation specific options
ar: supported targets: elf64-x86-64 elf32-i386 a.out-i386-linux efi-app-ia32 efi-bsdrv-ia32 efi-rtdrv-ia32 efi-app-x86_64 efi-bsdrv-x86_64 efi-rtdrv-x86_64 elf64-little elf64-big elf32-little elf32-big srec symbolsrec tekhex binary ihex
make: *** [libz.a] Error 1
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