[Clfs-support] Updating the kernel

David Broadfoot david at cross-lfs.org
Fri Apr 25 06:12:46 PDT 2008

I concur with Ken. The way I do it is I keep my orogional kernel and add 
the new one as a non default option to the botloader. Then, you can play 
with the kernel until U get it working perfectly with your system. Then, 
change the default to the new kernel. Keep the old kernel available in 
case something happens and U need a differeent kernel that works.

When I tried 2.6.24, It did not have any working support for my SATA SIS 
chip, among a host of other things. I stayed at 2.6.22 until I got a 
stable kernel,, to work.

Personally, I have not tried 2.6.25. is stable and should be a 
good start. When I get a chance, I will be trying 2.6.25.

Hope this helps,


Alonso Graterol wrote:
> Hello,
>   I'm thinking on update my current kernel to one more
> recent if not the latest. I'm running a x86-64 pure 64 bit CBLFS
> system.
>   Should I expect any trouble? Should I also update the kernel
> headers? Unless it is strictly necessary I don't want to build another
> system from scratch.
>   Thanks,
> Alonso
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