[Clfs-support] fcron binaries -- how to set up directory"pointers" correctly?

Matt Funke mfunke at cellularspecialties.com
Fri Apr 4 06:24:47 PDT 2008


P2 and 486 seems to be the same arch i386,need Cross-compiling?

Is "cross-compiling" the wrong term?


I need to compile fcron for a computer other than the one doing the
compiling.  I need to make sure that when I copy over the binaries, they
will work.  Previous attempts to do so have complained that my
directories are in the wrong place, usually because I made a dummy root
folder into which I installed everything.  How can I make sure that
fcron will be properly compiled for the target and that it won't try to
install itself on the computer doing the compiling?

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