[Clfs-support] Keymap/Console font trouble in X86_64 pure64

Lauri Kasanen curaga at operamail.com
Sun Apr 6 05:04:22 PDT 2008


I just got a new machine, my first 64-bit capable one. So I wanted to go fully 64-bit, and finished cross-lfs 64-bit today. I didn't deviate much, I just used grub and linux The book is the current dev one, SVN-20080228.

The issue: existing files in my encoding (ISO-8859-15) show the scandic letters (åäö) as question marks. When I type them in console they show properly, but emit an invisible character before them, causing trouble for bash.

Locale is fi_FI at euro, using ISO-8859-15. Console font is lat0-16 -m 8859-15. These settings are identical to my previous LFS builds, which worked properly. They did have kbd 1.12 instead of the current 1.13, maybe that broke my locale..

So, does anyone have clue wether this is a keymap, font, or some other problem?

Thanks, Lauri

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